Affordable Basic Web Design for Starter

Best and Cheap Web Design in Bangladesh. Ideal solution for companies willing to convey an image on the web.

Web Design and Development

What does your dream site look like?

Each website is purely crafted by our professional Web Developers to fit the needs of each brand.

Economy: 1


For Personal/Starter Companies

Basic Dynamic Website
5-10 Inner Content Pages
Responsive Design
Free Domain for 1 year
Free 5 GB Hosting for 1st Year
Virus & Firewall Protection
Weekly Data Backup
2 Days Project Duration
Economy: 2


For Personal/Starter Companies

Basic Dynamic Website
10-15 Inner Content Pages
Responsive Design
Free Domain for 1 year
Free 10 GB Hosting for 1st Year
Virus & Firewall Protection
Weekly Data Backup
2 Days Project Duration
Economy: 3


For Starter Companies

Basic Dynamic Website
15-20 Inner Content Pages
Responsive Design
Free Domain for 1 year
Free 30 GB Hosting for 1st Year
Virus & Firewall Protection
Weekly Data Backup
3 Days Project Duration
Web Design for Starter and Personal

Make your Online Presences

The Online Presence helps any Business to open Ample Opportunities for its growth.

We want to learn what makes your business unique. Kick off the web design process on the right foot with stakeholder interviews, setting clear goals, and basic sitemap creation.
Wireframes & Architecture
Every good website needs a blueprint that showcase your requirements. With your goals and brand persona in mind, we’ll get to work mapping out wireframes and information hierarchies to finalize the perfect sitemap.
It’s time to put the plan into action and get the momentum rolling. Our experienced designers will create custom designs for you to review. Because we want everything to be perfect, comprehensive revisions are provided to ensure all designs fit your style.
Technical Development
Now that your new website has been designed, we will begin full development and tie it into a content management system of your choice. This will give your website the look, feel, and functionality that will make visitors want to come back and convert.
Testing & QA
We don’t just cross our fingers and hope for the best. We’ll put your website through its paces with our proven iterative QA processes to make sure it maintains the quality you expect. Using specific test cases, we’ll ensure your website matches the vision you intended.
We’ll get your website ready for launch, manage your website hosting and maintenance, and can setup or carry over your Google Analytics. All you have to do is rely on us to get you over the finish line. From there, we can help you manage ongoing needs for your website.
Starter Web Design Services
Impress Potential Clients With A Site Designed By Professionals
Within just a few days, our professional team of web design experts will deliver a complete website that you'll own and control yourself.

How Important Is A Professional Website Design?

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. A professionally-designed website is paramount in today’s world to ensure that positive first impression for your customers. Our website development services will take your business to the next level. STEVIANA IT specializes in website design and hosting services so you can spend more time focusing on your business rather than your website. Let our team of experts take the guesswork out of creating the perfect website for you. A custom website design ensures that your business is shown in the best possible light, and helps turn potential customers into repeat customers. STEVIANA IT can help with your website design and development, no matter what industry you are in.

Professional Full Service Website Design

Premium templates and design ensure professional look for your brand Up to 3 pages of SEO-friendly content designed exclusively for your website A complete website build on WordPress, one of the world’s most popular platforms

Your Personal Team of Experts

An SEO expert will work with you to strategize for maximum traffic to your new website Monthly monitoring to review marketing campaign performance Comprehensive one-on-one training to ensure that you can make any future updates yourself

Seamless eCommerce Integration

Build your online store up to 10 product pages with our e-commerce website design services Payment processing and shipping solutions through WooCommerce Promote your products with a fully functional online web store

Web Design Services

Your website is more than just an online placeholder for your brand; it’s a powerful marketing tool. With the right web design, your site engages, informs, and calls visitors to action, all while staying true to your brand promise.

With being different and unique your brand now holds the new standard. People begin to trust, communicate and react to your brand like never before. Now your audience lives and breaths your brand. Because your brand is the only one they trust.

People trust websites that look professional. If you want your target audience to work with you, you need to back your brand with a great-looking premium website design. Design isn’t just about trust; it’s also about use. STEVIANA IT’s responsive website design services give you a website that looks great and is easy to use, so your customers keep coming back!

Responsive web design refers to a website that adapts based on the visitor’s device and screen size. A responsive website, like the kind HostGator Web Designers create for you, will adjust to look fantastic on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

If you’d prefer to go the DIY route, STEVIANA IT has options for that as well.

Once you have a beautiful website, make sure people see it with expert SEO and PPC consulting from STEVIANA IT. We’ll help you grow your traffic and your brand with increased visibility in Google.

A professionally-designed website is key to the online success of your business. Impress your clients with a fantastic website!